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Excelsior Springs to Add New Tower

Excelsior Springs plans to add a new 180-foot tower to the MARRS Radio System.  Excelsior Springs Police Chief Clint Reno said after discussing the matter with Tusa Consulting and obtaining two, […]

Tusa Consulting Services Named “Top Consultant”: Mission Critical Magazine

Mission Critical Magazine once again named Tusa Consulting Services a Top Consultant in its “2016 Top Consultants” readers’ poll. Tusa was one of only 21 public safety radio consultants nationally […]

Legacy Radio Technology for Failsafe Emergency Communications

The ability to communicate effectively with distant emergency response operations centers is essential during a catastrophic event. Flashback 47 years to August 18, 1969. That day, Category 5 Hurricane Camille […]

Consultant Takes Less To Allow Software Upgrade

May 26, 2016 By WYATT STAYNER All 12 Dubois County fire departments found some savings Wednesday night. After an April decision that the county would not foot the bill […]

Operating on a “Shoestring” Budget?

“No-break” radio systems are supposed to be just that. Yet, here we see an example of the worst kind of workmanship. When the tower crew lacks the appropriate transmission line […]

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Department and LWIN—An Example of Interagency Cooperation

The Louisiana Wireless Information Network (LWIN) is a system developed to enhance interoperability among emergency departments across the state. LWIN stemmed from the communications failures that ensued following Hurricane Katrina […]

Radio Communications Network Warranty

What’s Really Covered and What Should a Customer Expect You just built a new radio communications network, and it is about to go under warranty or extended warranty. What should you reasonably expect […]

Louisiana Wireless Information Network: A Success Story

The term interoperable communications gained widespread public awareness during the events of September 11th. The public generally assumed that radios used by police and fire departments somehow intrinsically communicated with […]

A Closer Look at Building a Regional Public Safety Radio System

Tusa Consulting Services’ Role in the Midwest’s Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System Background Tusa Consulting Services played an integral role in the design, development, implementation and growth of the Metropolitan […]

Challenges for Small PSAPs Considering NG-911 Deployment

Smaller PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) throughout the United States are faced with upgrading their Emergency-911 systems to the Next Generation-911 platform. As they face this task, they also have […]