Lancaster County tuning up for improved emergency services

Thanks to 14 years of work and $39 million invested in communications towers and other equipment, emergency workers will be able to communicate more clearly and consistently.

If you or a family member needs a police officer, an ambulance crew, a fire truck or some combination of those, help likely will be arriving more quickly after the county’s new emergency radio system comes online in late December, county emergency workers said.

“The common person thinks this stuff is already in place and it’s not,” said Keith Eshleman, station chief for Blue Rock Fire Rescue and a member of the committee that helped the county design the new emergency radio system now being tested and expected to be online by year’s end.

“For Lancaster County, this is a major leap,” he said, and the beneficiaries will be “the Mr. and Mrs Smiths out there. Their service is going to get better to solve their problems and serve their needs.”

Speed will be enhanced thanks to new radio towers set up in trouble spots, such as the River Hills area, in and along the Susquehanna River from Turkey Point nearly to the Maryland line.

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