Our Team


Dominic F. Tusa


Mother Nature is no match for Nick’s experience, which spans more than 35 years and virtually every aspect of public and private radio communications. His HF-SSB, analog and digital voice FM radio systems, private microwave, multiplex and telephone signaling systems are documented successful in the ultimate tests, including Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster to impact the United States. It’s no surprise to any of Tusa’s clients that all three Tusa-designed radio networks operated during and after that storm’s passage.

A resident of Covington, Louisiana, Nick is a 1975 graduate of Tulane University and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He holds an FCC commercial General Class radio license and is a licensed Extra Class amateur radio enthusiast (K5EF).


C. Allen Cutts, PMP

Senior Technology Advisor

Allen’s resume of work in the design and specification development of public safety experience reads like a Who’s Who (or What’s What) of public radio communications: 800MHz voice/data trunked radio networks (including Motorola’s Astro 25 digital system, Motorola’s TETRA System and M/A-Com’s EDACS system), LAN/WAN networks, IP routing, Cisco routers and catalyst switches, frame relay, even virtual and wireless LANs.


Wendy Bradford

Marketing Consultant

Wendy’s entire career has been geared toward hardware and software solutions specific to public safety operations, including VOIP, telephony, mapping, computer aided dispatch, records management systems, mobile data terminals, automatic vehicle locators and liability audio recording systems. This bodes well for our existing operations and clients throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia, as well as our future expansion throughout the Midwest and eastern areas.


Gregg Brockman

Spectrum Planner

His unparalleled bookkeeping and project administration skills prompted the TCS team to offer Gregg a position with EZ-Spectrum, where he couples his degrees in accounting and computer information systems with a penchant for minutiae to review and affirm every frequency coordination and FCC licensing package prior to its release.


Peter A. Caruso

Dispatch Center Consultant

It’s one thing to spend 35 years in public safety dispatch communications. It’s also one thing to touch almost every part of the process. But what really sets Peter apart is his documented record of technical innovation coupled with exceedingly effective dispatch team management.


Jack (Tripp) Forrest, PE

RF Consultant

Tripp’s clients appreciate his attentiveness to detail, his willingness to “roll up his sleeves,” and his ability to instinctively and consistently uncover what others fail to find. So much so, he was the Tusa team’s choice to oversee the development of our frequency planning company, EZ-Spectrum. Tripp has served as a lead radio engineer for State of Florida’s 800MHz public safety radio systems. And while employed with Florida’s Department of Management Services, he developed and refined numerous software applications used by Florida’s counties to self-mitigate 800MHz interference (i.e., FRIP) as well as those for the identification of potential tower site resources.


Dean Hart

Senior Consultant

We are thrilled to welcome back Dean to the TCS family, where he’s been instrumental in the design and build-out of multiple P-25 radio systems throughout the Kansas City region. His additional project experience includes radio systems operated by Florida (SLERS), Missouri (MOSWIN) and the Commonwealth of Virginia (STARS).


John (Jack) Hart

Senior Consultant

From the first commercial cellular telephone systems to statewide trunked public safety networks to large-city 911 dispatch center consolidations, Jack pours more than 30 years’ experience into every large-scale radio network and support systems he designs and implements. His former senior technical management positions were at such respected organizations as Bell System/AT&T, Motorola, Bell Laboratories and General Dynamics Proven, where he developed his enviable reputation for radio site development and highly reliable interconnectivity planning.


David L. Jacobs

Project Manager-Consultant

David doesn’t need flowers and chocolate to woo his customers. His innately sincere, knowledgeable, collaborative nature has long been the foundation on which he’s built countless loyal relationships over his past 30 years in B2B telecommunications. Relying on expert, in-depth client analysis, engineering acumen and a deep appreciation for C-level pain points, he’s been personally responsible for significant, multi-year contracts that have solved his clients’ greatest challenges smoothly, smartly and time- and cost-effectively. Makes you swoon, doesn’t it.


Larry Labry


Larry enjoyed 25 years with the New Orleans Police Department, serving as police dispatcher, 911 center shift commander and commander of NOPD’s electronics support section. His direct involvement in the selection and installation oversight of the city’s 800MHz public safety radio system, e-911 telephone switch, digital recording systems for the 911 center and NOPD’s mobile data system is experience Tusa’s clients rely on every day.


Al Martineau


Drawing from more than 30 years in the New Orleans Fire Department, Al’s experience as a fire captain and then, later, as the department’s IT manager, makes him a real hero to Tusa’s clients. The proof? When New Orleans Parish fire dispatch centers were engulfed by Hurricane Katrina floodwaters. Al’s honed skills allowed him to structure bits of remaining infrastructure into workable IT systems.


Don McGee

Principal RF Advisor

Radio propagation expert Don puts his extensive software development and modeling experience to use at TCS and its frequency planning company, EZ-Spectrum. Formerly employed by General Electric, Ericsson and later M/A-COM, Don’s worked with the RF Integrity Group to develop propagation software tools (RAPTR) and technical processes for radio communication networks of all sizes.


Jeya Selvaratnam

Senior RF/IT Consultant

If you want to go big—we’re talking tens-of-thousands-of-users-across-multiple-states big—you call on Jeya. As a senior technology consultant with more than 30 years in building statewide communications systems and disaster recovery strategies, Jeya’s experience is as deep and proven as it gets. Consider his successful management of not one, but two statewide 800 MHz trunked radio system deployments for the State of Louisiana (Statewide SmartNet and SmartZone). Then add the icing on the cake: the implementation of a third and then-largest Project-25 800/700MHz system of its type, encompassing nearly 80,000 radio users, supporting nearly five hundred separate first responder agencies and acting as a true managed partnership between state, parish and municipal agencies throughout Louisiana.


Bob Sutphen, BSEE


Bob is one of Tusa’s many amateur radio operators (callsign: KDØMQD) whose professional career was born from a life-long interest in radio technology. When he’s not ruling the HF airwaves, Bob’s helping clients with their land mobile radio system needs assessments, designs, acquisitions, contract negotiations and implementation management. Prior to joining TCS, Bob served as a managing director for RCC Consultants in St. Louis.

Tusa's Public Safety Radio Consultant, Jim Szalajeski

Jim Szalajeski

Senior Consultant

Jim brings more than 40 years of experience in the design and implementation of communications tower sites, facilities, infrastructure and related radio network components to our Covington, LA office. Previously with Sytech Corporation, a manufacturer of public safety interoperable communications solutions, Jim is also an expert in fire communications.


Dennis Ward, PMP

Project Manager

Dennis’ accomplishments—which include two decades of experience in the field of public safety—reach across the whole of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the state of Pennsylvania’s Emergency Health Services Federation, as he serves as a TCS project manager. Not to mention his background in filmmaking, which allows us to offer our clients uniquely cost-effective video services.

In memoriam


Jan Edwards

1952 – 2010

TCS Consultant Jan R. Edwards (W5EV) passed away after waging a courageous battle against cancer. He was 58 years old.

Jan became a TCS consultant in September 2007, but his interest in radio was life-long. An avid amateur radio operator since his pre-teen years, he joined the US Air Force as a radio intercept operator stationed in Germany in the early 1970s. Once back home, Jan became a shore station radio operator at Tropical Radio, WNU, where he met his wife, Yankee. From there he entered the merchant maritime service as a shipboard radio officer, then completed his sailing career with Texaco. He became involved in public safety land mobile radio through Ericsson in the late 1990s.

Jan and I became best friends while studying Morse code to acquire our amateur novice class licenses. We built antennas together. Designed radio gadgets together and even taught amateur radio classes together. No matter if it was towing his nearly-always dead Fiat or hanging out at the Funky Pirate Bar and talking blues with Big Al Carson, we’d be ready to roll.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, although we were both on the ropes in far different ways, we found the strength to push each other to endure and overcome. That’s what best friends do and that’s why he is so terribly missed.

73 OM. CUL

Nick Tusa, K5EF