Since 1992, Tusa has helped municipalities, counties, states and regional groups transition to P25. Our expertise spans LMR, DMR, microwave transport and network integration, wireless broadband and interoperable solutions.

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Johnson County, KS - P25 implementation services

State of Wisconsin - Radio system modernization study

Jackson County, MS - New 700/800 MHz system

Saline County, NE - Design and procurement of UHF simulcast system

Sarpy County, NE - Consultation on system design and site acquisition

Blue Springs, MO - VHF to P25

Boone County, KY - UHF-VHF to 800MHz P25

Linn County, MO - VHF simulcast and consolidated dispatch

Ford County, KS - VHF to 800MHz P25

NYU School of Medicine - UHF multi-site DMR

State of Florida - Radio system modernization study

Lewiston, MN - VHF to P25

Coral Gables, FL - EDACS to P25

Prairie Village, KS - EDACS to P25

Overland Park, KS - EDACS to P25

Oklahoma City, OK - EDACS 800 to P25

Harrison County, MS - EDACS to P25

Leawood, KS - EDACS to P25

Coral Gables, FL - EDACS to P25

Riley County, KS - VHF to P25

Oklahoma City, OK - EDACS 800 to P25

Norman, OK - 800 Smartnet to P25

Independence, MO - First 700 MHz P25 system in nation

Genesee County, MI - 800 MHz ASTRO Digital

Crawford County, KS - VHF consultation

Washington County, WI - VHF Optimization

Franklin, TN - Replaced previous consultant on P25 upgrade

Lancaster County, PA - T-Band UHF to UHF P25

New Bern, NC - Replaced previous consultant – 800 to P25

Franklin County, NC - Optimization of existing system

MSU, MS - EDACS to P25

Riverside, MO - VHF to P25

Platte County, MO - VHF to P25

North Kansas City, MO - 800 conventional to P25

Liberty, MO - VHF to P25 upgrade

Kansas City, MO - EDACS 800 to P25; Mid America Regional Council Technology Roadmap

Jackson County, MO - VHF to P25 Upgrade

Grandview, MO - 800 Smartnet to P25

Gladstone, MO - 800 conventional to P25

Cass County, MO - VHF to P25

St. Tammany Parish, LA - EDACS to P25 w/LWIN state system

Wyandotte County, KS - 800 SMARTNET to P25

Rice County, KS - VHF to P25

Dubois County, IN - Conventional VHF Simulcast

Will County, IL - 800 EDACS to P25

Bonneville County, ID - P25 system assessment - PSAP upgrade

Ada, ID - P25 system enhancement - added sites

Floyd County, GA - 800MHz P25 simulcast radio system

Clayton County, GA - 800 MHz P25 Phase II

Barrow County, GA - VHF P25 to 700/800 P25

West Palm Beach, FL - 800 to P25 - Interoperable with OpenSky

Tallahassee, FL - 800 to P25

Sumter County, FL - P25 Simulcast

Miami Beach, FL - 800 to P25

Hialeah, FL - 800 to P25 (pending)

Bay County, FL - P25 procurement

Mobile County, AL - 700MHz Phase 2 - EDACS to P25

Mobile County, AL
Bay County, FL
Coral Gables, FL
Hialeah, FL
Miami Beach, FL
State of FL
Sumter County, FL
Tallahassee, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Barrow County, GA
Clayton County, GA
Floyd County, GA
Ada, ID
Bonneville County, ID
Will County, IL
Dubois County, IN
Crawford County, KS
Ford County, KS

Jackson County, KS
Johnson County, KS
Leawood, KS
Overland Park, KS
Prairie Village, KS
Rice County, KS
Riley County, KS
Wyandotte County, KS
Boone County, KY
St. Tammany Parish, LA
Genesee County, MI
Lewiston, MN
Blue Springs, MO
Cass County, MO
Gladstone, MO
Grandview, MO
Independence, MO
Jackson County, MO

Kansas City, MO
Liberty, MO
Linn County, MO
North Kansas City, MO
Platte County, MO
Riverside, MO
Harrison County, MS
Franklin County, NC
New Bern, NC
Saline County,  NE
Sarpy County, NE
NYU Medical Center, NY
Norman, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
Lancaster, PA
Franklin, TN
State of WI
Washington County, WI