Our Story

Picture it: 1992.
New Orleans. Dominic (Nick) Tusa takes the plunge, founding Tusa Consulting Services, Inc. He and his team provide contract radio engineering services and independent microwave and radio communications. TCS clients run the gamut from hometown (Moses Engineers) to the Northeast (RCC Consultants) to the Midwest (City of Kansas City) to the entire country (Exxon).

Fast-forward: 2004.
Tusa transitions from a technical services provider to an independent private practice, takes on its first partner and changes its name to—you’ll love this—Tusa Consulting Services II. (Wow. What a difference!)

Jump to: today.
Tusa Consulting has grown to a full-time staff of nearly 20. It boasts consultants in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Kansas and Pennsylvania. And the company remains unselfish with its experiences and lessons learned over many years, many miles and even many more loyal client relationships.