A Message From Our Founder

So, what is Tusa about?

Advocating is what we’re about. Not getting you taken for a ride is what we’re about. Fulfilling our passion to develop cost-effective, hardened radio communications solutions, tailored to stringent public safety expectations that work. That’s what we’re about.

New systems. Existing systems. Tusa concepts, builds, implements and manages them all. Sometimes we’re part of our clients’ processes from the beginning. Sometimes we’re brought in the middle. And, often times, we fly in to save our clients from someone else’s mistake (though we’ve yet to do it in a cape).

Tusa is about leveraging analog systems to support new digital voice technologies. Overcoming coverage shortfalls through new tower site additions or higher performance antenna systems. Addressing mobile data overlays, an ever-important aspect of public safety operations. And staying on top of every regulatory change the nanosecond it becomes public domain.

And industry developments? That’s something we’re definitely about. We consider ourselves true pioneers in this industry who never tire of being educated, innovative and the go-to for each and every client—not matter what they, Mother Nature and the unthinkable throw at us.

I welcome you to click around this website to learn more about our services, our process, even about our clients’ most successful stories. Because, at the end of the day, our relationship with you is what we’re all about.


Dominic F. Tusa