There's not a moment in the life cycle of public safety communications that we don't build, implement, manage, protect or preserve.

This is your shot to put more than 250 collective years of experience in your back pocket.


Existing System Suitability

To get somewhere new, you’ve got to know where you are. It’d be grossly irresponsible to offer alternate solutions or modernization approaches to an existing radio communication system without actually understanding the existing system.


Conceptual System Design

Harmony. That’s what we want. A balance between technical realities and user expectations based on documented understandings of budgets, coverage, audio quality, reliability, functionality and performance needs.

When it comes to radio network performance assessments, we’re laser-focused on validating whether or not your system is performing the way it should—no matter if the lay of the land is a newly installed network or one that’s been operational for decades.

Our highly trained staff of experts and award-winning filmmakers knows the value of a solid video. Customized videos from Tusa transform traditional training courses, professional education, marketing messages and recruitment efforts into cost-effective, multi-faceted resources your entire team can use, over and over (and over) again.